GISAS Summer School: Experiments and Data Analysis


till 2018/09/21

Registration closing date: closed

Location: Bayreuth, Germany

Training Schools | Workshop

At this summer school master and PhD students will get the opportunity to measure and analyze their own samples suitable for grazing incidence small  and wide angle X-ray scattering (GISAXS/GIWAXS) and grazing incidence small angle neutron scattering (GISANS) measurements, attend to lectures about experiment design and scattering theory, as well as tutorials about introduction to data analysis and modelling tools (HipGISAXS and BornAgain). The X-ray experiments will be carried out remotely at the ALS, Berkeley, USA, while the neutron experiments will be carried out at the FRM II on site. At the end students will be able to carry out grazing incidence experiments at large scale facilities including the relevant data analysis. Application via mini-proposals is open now. The number of participants is limited and acceptance is in order of submission.The summerschool in brief:

  • apply with a mini-proposal to describe your sample system and research goal
  • in a skype session discuss your measurement needs with an expert prior to sample preparation
  • at the school learn
    • the essential theory
    • how to analyse your data: you will be able to install the software to do this and apply this to your own data
    • how to model your hypotheses using supercomputing facilities
    • discuss your data with experts throughout the various steps