Swiss Light Source (SLS) – call for proposals for non-PX beamlines

Start date: 2023/01/01
End date: 2023/09/30
All-day event
Location: Swiss Light Source
location_europe | Proposal Deadlines

Deadline for proposal submission: 15 September 2022 / midnight (CEST)

This call for proposals covers the beamtime from Jan 2023 to Oct 2023, i.e., over nine rather than six months and is the last call for proposals before the long shutdown to upgrade the SLS. Assuming that supply chains and related issues do not deteriorate further, the upgrade shutdown is planned to start on 2 October 2023. First pilot users for selected beamlines at SLS 2.0 are expected in the Summer/Fall of 2025, which will be followed by a shutdown beginning of 2026. The first regular call for proposal is planned for the Spring 2026.