User Meeting ESRF 2020


till 2020/02/05

Registration closing date: tbc

Location: EPN Campus, Grenoble, France (Europe)

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2019 has been the year of the ESRF “Extremely Brilliant Source” (EBS) project. The construction of the first of a new generation of low emittance, high energy synchrotrons, which will boost the brilliance and coherence of the X-rays, is a strategic project for the future of the ESRF and its user community. The annual ESRF User Meeting will be held in early February 2020, two months into intense electron beam commissioning and less than a month before the beginning of beamline commissioning and, more importantly, the first proposal submission deadline for beam time with the new source (deadline on 2nd March 2020). The user community will be gearing up to prepare new proposals to exploit the outstanding scientific opportunities, and the ESRF User Meeting will be the ideal opportunity to hear the latest news and to discuss and prepare new ideas and proposals.