Workshops and Schools

Upcoming Workshops and Schools:

HyperSpy 2019


till 2019/03/16

Registration closing date: 2019/02/21

Location: Didcot, Oxfordshire, Uk (Europe)

During this two-day workshop we will cover the basics of data handling in HyperSpy and then provide example work-flows for typical datasets that Users acquire at ePSIC. This will include spectroscopy datasets in STEM, i.e. spectrum images with EELS and / or EDXS, and also large 4D-STEM datasets acquired using the Medipix detector on E02. … Read more HyperSpy 2019

International Winter School on Photovoltaics and New Concepts of Quantum Solar Energy Conversion (Quantsol2019)


till 2019/03/22

Location: Rauris, Austria

The European Society for Quantum Solar Energy Conversion announces the 31st Workshop on Quantum Solar Energy Conversion (QUANTSOL 2019 Winter workshop) and invites experts in the various fields of conversion of solar photons to electrical or chemical energy to submit short abstracts to enable the organizing committee to define the workshop program. The workshop will … Read more International Winter School on Photovoltaics and New Concepts of Quantum Solar Energy Conversion (Quantsol2019)

ImagingBioPro network workshop


till 2019/03/26

Registration closing date: 2019/03/17

Location: Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK (Europe)

The goal of this workshop is to bring together biomedical scientists, engineers, synchrotron specialists and clinicians to develop new, high energy imaging methods which capture the dynamic biochemical and biophysical processes in diarthroidal joints, and to develop ways to link these techniques to lab and clinic.

Launch of START


till 2019/03/28

Location: Oxford, UK (Europe)

This event will bring together the Synchrotron Techniques for African Research and Technology (START) project’s Co-Investigators, their Postdoctoral Assistants and other special guests to hear updates and news on the project and to facilitate greater collaboration and learning on synchrotron, cryo-electron microscopy and other associated techniques.

PhD School: MAX IV/ESS-based imaging for medical and biomedical research, experimental setup


till 2019/04/05

Registration closing date: 2019/03/15

Location: Lund, Sweden (Europe)

This course targets, PhD students and possibly postdocs from medical and biomedical or life science fields. This course is a continuation of cross-disciplinary course “MAX IV/ESS-based imaging for medical and biomedical research, introduction”.