Administrative Director

Website SESAME_Jordan Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science & Applications in the Middle East (SESAME)

SESAME is the first synchrotron light source in the Middle East and neighbouring countries. It is located in Allan (Jordan). The facility was officially inaugurated in May 2017. It consists of a 20 MeV Microtron, an 800 MeV Booster synchrotron and a 2.5 GeV electron storage ring. Three beamlines are in operation and hosting users. They are the XAFS/XRF (X-ray Absorption Fine Structure/X-ray Fluorescence) spectroscopy beamline, the IR (Infrared) spectromicroscopy beamline and the MS (Materials Science) beamline. Two further beamlines (for X-ray tomography and soft X-ray spectroscopy) are being constructed and are expected to come into operation in 2022. This suite of five beamlines, from the seven planned for Phase I, will allow world-class research in virtually all fields of science.

SESAME is seeking a senior scientist with an advanced university degree at doctorate level in science or engineering who has at least fifteen years’ experience at senior managerial and budget planning level in a national, regional or international science institution to serve as Administrative Director. The incumbent will direct the administrative management of SESAME.  The successful candidate will be responsible for the design and implementation of SESAME’s budget with account taken of the recommendations of the Director and the Scientific and Technical Directors, and will participate as a member of the Board of Directors in formulating policy and developing innovative approaches and strategies to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of SESAME programmes.

Submission deadline: November 15, 2020

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