Assistant Radiofrequency Engineer

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Job Description

The Radio Frequency Group, as part of the Accelerator Systems Division (ASD) of the Advanced Photon Source (APS), is responsible for operation, maintenance and enhancement of the APS RF systems. The group seeks to improve RF system performance and develop new technology in support of operations and future particle accelerators.

The RF Group is seeking an Assistant RF Engineer with a strong background in high power RF systems, RF electronics, RF cavities and components design including simulations and analysis applying electrodynamics and microwave engineering techniques. The prime responsibility will be to assist with the design, commissioning, operation and maintenance of RF hardware in support of operations and future upgrades, participate and assist in different phases of implementing new high-power solid-state RF amplifier systems for the APS storage ring, and participate and assist on RF accelerator development for future accelerators. Knowledge and experience with high power RF hardware and systems is required.

Candidate Qualifications:

The engineer is expected to have a broad skillset in high power RF systems including:

· RF generators, including klystrons and solid-state RF amplifiers (SSPA)

· Extensive knowledge and experience in Electromagnetic simulations including RF cavities and components.

· Extensive knowledge and experience in RF measurements

· Extensive knowledge and skills to analyze complex RF accelerator components

· Strong general knowledge of electronic and RF test equipment.

· Strong working knowledge of advanced RF/microwave measurement techniques and skills to use RF laboratory equipment.

Other related areas of experience:

· RF systems for particle accelerators

· Basic knowledge of high-voltage/high power DC power supply design

· Development and application of test procedures for radio frequency components and systems.

· High-frequency testing techniques extending to millimeter wave and infrared applications

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