Civil Engineering Projects Group Leader

Reference: EST-INF-03-18
Deadline: 2018/11/18


CELLS is a consortium whose aim is the management of the economical, technical and administrative collaboration of the entities being part of the consortium, Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad and Generalitat de Catalunya. The object of the collaboration is the construction, equipping and exploitation of the Synchrotron Radiation Light Source Laboratory ALBA, located in the area of Vallès Occidental, near Barcelona.

CELLS consortium is constructing and exploiting the ALBA 3rd generation synchrotron facility to generate X rays for basic and applied research. The facility, includes a 3-GeV, low-emittance storage ring running in top-up mode, which feeds an intense photon beams to a number of beamlines. These are placed tangentially to the storage ring and hold the experimental facilities. The facility comprises a 268.8m circumference 3 GeV electron storage ring, injected from a 100 MeV LINAC, (linear accelerator) through a full energy 249.6 m booster synchrotron and eight fully operated beamlines.

During Phase I, seven beamlines were built, commissioned and started operation. Currently ALBA is facing the Phase II and Phase III Beamlines construction.


The main function of the civil engineering projects group is the definition and execution of construction projects of both, conventional facilities and synchrotron-specific facilities (including radiation protection lead hutches) according to the needs of ALBA synchrotron. The scope of the activities include the generation of formal specification, the completion of the design (often submitted to internal and/or external reviews) and the execution of the project by acting either as a contractor of different suppliers, or by tendering the whole process.

The Civil Engineering Projects Group is also in charge of some of the facility-related services like gardening, building maintenance, external gasses supply (including technical gasses) and cafeteria. These services are subcontracted to specialized companies. As a group leader, the candidate will have additional duties like the coordination and supervision of the engineers and technicians in the group, the coordination with other groups in
ALBA and the support to the Infrastructures Section Head, and the Engineering Division Head.

In detail this functions would include:
– To coordinate and supervise activities of the members of the group.
– To coordinate the group with other groups at ALBA.
– To assist the Infrastructures Section Head in the personnel evaluation.
– To assist the Infrastructures Section Head in the training plans definition.
– To assist the Infrastructures Section Head in the generation of annual budget.
– To assist the Infrastructures Section Head in the weekly reporting at the operations meeting.
– To generate Internal Project Plans (problem description, possible solutions, trade-offs,
budget, schedule, resources needed).
– To develop the technical specifications, as well as costs estimations and/or technical
specifications for tendering processes.
– To carry out and/or supervise the preliminary design of the assigned construction projects.
– To carry out and/or supervise design of radiation protection lead hutches.
– To undertake civil engineering/construction projects follow-up from conceptual design to
commissioning, including, when applicable, the follow-up of tendering processes.
– To follow-up and supervise subcontracted companies for the construction tasks.
– To supervise contracted services like gardening and cafeteria
– To undertake technical gasses outsourcing, and delivery to the beam-lines.
– To undertake compressed gasses outsourcing and delivery to the facility.


University degree in Industrial Engineering, with the specialty in Construction and Structures.
Specific education on managerial skills (MBA or equivalent).

Experience and knowledge
– More than 3 years of experience in project management of civil engineering projects,
preferably in a large scientific facility.
– Proven experience in radiation protection lead hutches design.

Required skills
– Adaptability to an international and multidisciplinary environment.
– Sense of responsibility and demonstrated ability to work independently or as a member of a team.
– Good knowledge of English, and either Spanish or Catalan; basic knowledge of the other
languages or an undertaking to acquire it rapidly.
– Ability to organize people (members of the group, but also from external companies).
– Good communication skills to interact with the internal customers (beam-lines principal
– Excellent CAD skills.
– Knowledge of PRINCE-2 project management procedures.

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