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At the ALS, our commitment to recruiting a vibrant, diverse, and talented workforce is paramount to promoting a diverse lab community. To support the next generation of researchers, we have two types of fellowships to fund research at our facility:

Doctoral Fellowships in Residence

Students who have passed their Ph.D. qualifying or comprehensive exams, and advanced to candidacy, can apply to spend a year in residence at LBNL working closely with an ALS staff member. Fellows acquire hands-on scientific training and develop professional maturity to complement their doctoral research. Applicants must be full-time students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in the science or engineering disciplines, and pursuing research that will benefit from ALS capabilities.


Collaborative Postdoctoral Fellowships

Fellows pursue research projects as part of research teams comprising members of ALS staff and the user community, and are exposed to current scientific challenges that can be tackled using advanced synchrotron radiation tools. They share and exchange innovative scientific ideas and techniques to enhance their skills and professional training. Fellows will have access to a valuable combination of outstanding professional scientific and engineering staff, research instrumentation, and other facilities available at the ALS. Fellows must have a source of collaborative funding and receive a stipend to help support their travel and stay at the ALS.


Join us to shape the future of synchrotron science!

Contact: Andreas Scholl, ALS Division Deputy for Science