Electronics Engineer in the Computing Division

Reference: CD-ES-2019-02

Deadline: 2019/06/24

The Consortium for Construction, Equipment and Exploitation of the Synchrotron Light Laboratory (CELLS) is jointly funded by the Spanish Government through its Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities) and the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Autonomous Government) through its Departament d’Empresa i Coneixement (Ministry of Business and Knowledge). The accelerator was commissioned in 2011 and the Beamlines started official operations in May 2012. The facility operates 24/7, about 6000 hours a year. Currently there are eight beamlines in operation and four more under construction. The Electronics Section is composed by 15 permanent positions and operates and supports the hardware for the synchrotron’s control systems, timing system, data acquisition, power supplies, cabling infrastructure and configuration management. This support leads to work in projects of quite broad fields: beamlines instrumentation (eventually under high vacuum conditions), motion control, power converters, X-Ray detectors, or others depending on the accelerators and beamlines needs. We offer you an opportunity to participate in this undertaking project as part of a dynamic team with many possibilities in a unique environment. We are looking for experienced electronics engineers and also unexperienced professionals with huge eagerness to learn. Come and join us!


• You will be part of the Electronics Section inside the Computing Division.
• Upgrades and support to the operation of the accelerator control hardware linked with new beamlines installation, in particular XAIRA.
• Electronics support to the experiments division. The tasks of the candidate will contribute to the Electronics Section activities that are needed for designing, building prototypes, installing electronics infrastructure, and developing the control system in the construction of the experimental MX microfocus beamline cofinanced with FEDER fonds in the Programa Operativo Inteligente 2014-2020 on 21st of June of 2017.


• Formal Education o University degree in Electronics engineering, Telecommunications engineering or other discipline of proven similar technological capacities. Last year students (ECTS credits approved 180) will be also considered and shall attach their academic Transcript of Records (ToR).
• Previous knowledge and/or experience in any of the following fields will be valued:
o Scientific electronics instrumentation knowledge: generic (oscilloscopes, voltmeters,…), Data acquisition systems (DAQ), low level acquisitions (electrometers, nano-voltmeters), insulation measurements, impedance characterization (Network, Analyzer, TDR, LCR).
o PCB circuit design (Altium Designer preferably). o VHDL FPGA programming (Xilinx preferably).
o Motion Control applications (specially using stepper motors). o X-Ray detectors (either as end station or beam diagnostic application)
• Previous experience working in an accelerator or similar scientific institution will be an asset. Experience working in R+D electronics department will be also considered.
• Good team player.
• A good level of English both written and spoken is required.

To apply for this job please visit intranet.cells.es.