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The primary responsibility of the Group Leader position is to lead the AOP Group, as part of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Accelerator Systems Division of the Photon Sciences directorate at Argonne National Laboratory.

The incumbent will provide supervision and technical oversight of accelerator physics activities for the APS.  He/she will provide and develop in others the ability to diagnose difficult accelerator performance problems.

The incumbent will also oversee the use of machine studies time to achieve APS goals, as well as lead activities of the machine managers and other accelerator physicists related to operation and improvement of the APS accelerator complex.  These activities typically include accelerator simulation, experiments, and data analysis.

The incumbent will further guide the activities of AOP software developers in maintaining, improving, and creating software for highly-automated, highly-reliable characterization, operation, and diagnosis of APS accelerator issues. He/she will provide technical advice to management as well as peer technical groups on machine improvements and problem resolution.

Other key responsibilities of this position include:

  • Providing overall technical and administrative leadership to members of the AOP Group.

  • Developing and managing financial budgets and effort assignments for the AOP Group, including assignment of resources to support the APS Upgrade (APS-U) project.

  • Working with ASD division management to improve effectiveness and efficiency of accelerator systems for the benefit of the APS.

  • Overseeing routine and novel accelerator experimental tests, ensuring they are conducted in accordance with all ES&H as well as Work Planning & Control (WPC) principles.

  • Interfacing with other groups, divisions, and organizations including internal Argonne organizations, external laboratories and private companies. These may be stakeholder, collaborator, or contractor relationships.

  • Interfacing with stakeholders and those responsible for development, testing, and implementation of APS systems and their elements, including mechanical, electrical, or electromechanical components or subsystems, application-oriented software, and electronic data.

The Group Leader’s role may span a wide range of sophisticated (cross-discipline) problem resolution activities. This requires the incumbent to have the ability to take a system level view of the accelerator and its sub-systems. It further requires the Group Leader to have the ability to communicate effectively with non-accelerator personnel to convey accelerator concepts, issues and intended resolution(s).

This description documents the general nature of work but is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all activities, duties and responsibilities required of job incumbent. Consequently, the job incumbent may be required to perform other duties as assigned.

Position Requirements

  • Comprehensive knowledge and direct experience, as demonstrated by a track record of significant accomplishments, in accelerator operations and R&D.
  • Knowledge and expertise must be demonstrated in accelerator theory, including lattice design, nonlinear dynamics, and collective effects; accelerator commissioning, experimentation, and operation; accelerator hardware and instrumentation; accelerator control systems, including high-level software architecture and automation
  • Substantial experience successfully leading technical groups and managing operations within the DOE complex or National Laboratories or in a similarly large and complex organization in support of science and technology, particularly synchrotron facilities or accelerator installations.
  • Comprehensive oral and written communication skills. Also must be skilled at presentation of results and concepts at reviews and conferences, as well as in organization of significant publications and proposals
  • Comprehensive knowledge of DOE and Laboratory policies including ES&H policies and practices.
  • Considerable computer skills are required, including familiarity with Tcl/Tk and SDDS in an EPICS-based controls environment on UNIX and Linux
  • Considerable skill and experience in the development of technical programs, and in resource as well as technical management of physicists and programmers in the development of procedures and software tools for effective, heavily-automated accelerator operation, study, and optimization. Skills are required in the areas of judgment, foresight, resource management and leadership.
  • Considerable skill in interacting and coordination with other Laboratory organizations.
  • Must be results-oriented, with a distinguished record of accomplishments with performance characterized by integrity and the highest ethical standards.
  • Must make critical and timely decisions using data and sound judgment, exercising financial stewardship.

The level of knowledge and skills outlined above are typically consistent with a candidate having a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in physics or applied physics.  A well-established international reputation in the accelerator community is required.

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Research Development (RD)

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Physics Leader 2

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