IDs & Magnets Scientist/Engineer

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ALBA is the national synchrotron light source, a large research infrastructure based on an electron synchrotron, ten operating beamlines, three more under construction, and complementary facilities. The light produced by 3 GeV electrons is used by thousands of researchers to analyse and understand the properties of matter, covering a huge variety of fields, as health, energy production and storage, environmental problems, communication technologies, cultural heritage.

ALBA faces the post-corona era starting-up the evolution towards the 4th generation, which will produce a more brilliant and coherent source, new beamlines, advanced data analytics, all together enhancing the facility capacities of providing answers to societal challenges.

Located in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona, Spain), it is funded by the Spanish Government (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación) and the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament d’Empresa i Coneixement).

ALBA is a perfect spot to promote your professional career: international atmosphere, highly motivated staff, multidisciplinary environment and located in a natural park, well connected by car and public transport.

We are looking for a scientist or engineer to be incorporated in the IDs and Magnets Group of ALBA. 


The key functions of the post are as follows, for the accelerators of ALBA:
•    Design of Insertion Devices for new beamlines at ALBA.
•    Follow-up of manufacturing contracts for new Insertion Devices for ALBA.
•    Operation and maintenance of the Insertion Devices currently installed at ALBA.
•    Participation in the design of magnets for the upgraded accelerator of ALBA II.
•    Development of the Magnetic Measurements laboratory at ALBA.
•    Characterization of Insertion Devices and Accelerator magnets at the Magnetic Measurements laboratory.
•    Contribute to the operation of the ALBA accelerators, including shifts and on-call.

In due course and depending on the development of the accelerators and project requirements the candidate will be expected to take up work as defined by the Division Head.


Compulsory requisites:
•    Qualified to degree level in an appropriate branch of Physics or Engineering (electronics, telecommunications or similar).

Experience and Knowledge
Knowledge on the following will be evaluated, in terms of formation and experience:
•    2D and 3D Magnetostatic calculations and associated simulation tools (RADIA, OPERA, ANSYS-Maxwell, ROXIE…).
•    Design of Insertion Devices for accelerator-based light sources.
•    Calculation of radiation output from Insertion Devices (SRW, SPECTRA…).
•    Familiarity with high precision mechanical systems.
•    Design of Accelerator magnets (dipoles, quadrupoles, sextupoles…).
•    Familiarity with different magnet technologies: resistive and superconductive electromagnets, rare earth permanent magnets, etc.
•    Measurement systems for accelerator magnetic structures: Hall probe systems, inductive systems (stretched wires, rotating coils, flipping coils, Helmholtz coils, vibrating wires, pulsed wires), etc.
•    Programming skills and familiarity with optimization strategies.

In addition, the following will be assessed:
•    Good interpersonal, communication and people working skills.
•    Available to travel, including occasional periods away from home.
•    Available to work on 24/7 shifts, and perform on-call duties.
•    Good command in English language.
•    Knowledge of Spanish or Catalan languages.

Other information

Work conditions:
•    Salary depending on qualifications and experience.
•    Temporal.

It will be verified that the requirements that have been considered compulsories to participate in the selection process are met.
The knowledge and work experience in relation to the functions of the position will be evaluated.
The adequacy and progression capacity of the applicant, together with their personal skills, their attitude and their commitment, will be evaluated.

This place is reserved for those who have the legal status of people with disabilities with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%. In the event that there are no applicants with disabilities who comply the compulsory requirements, the rest of applicants without declared disabilities will be evaluated.

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