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The National Synchrotron Radiation Centre at the Jagiellonian University SOLARIS is a first synchrotron
infrastructure in Poland and the only one in Central Europe with an electron accelerator and a source of
synchrotron radiation. It is currently the most modern and the largest multidisciplinary research device in Poland.
As a strategic investment for the science development, the SOLARIS synchrotron ( has been
placed on the Polish Road Map for Research Infrastructure.

Work at the Centre provides:
 participation in the maintenance and development of a unique, multidisciplinary research infrastructure,
 an opportunity to work in an international environment of experts,
 contact with the latest technologies,
 professional and personal development,
 intensive implementation training and substantive support,
 sports package,
 social package,
 employment contract,
 stability of employment.

Description of tasks:
 supervision over the correct operation of the system of electromagnets and power supplies as well as insertion
devices SOLARIS synchrotron, including detection and efficient removal of failures and faults, reviewing,
maintaining and improving these systems;
 defining the parameters of the power supplies ensuring the correct operation of the electromagnets on the basis
of data from measurements of magnetic fields of electromagnets;
 creating and keeping technical documentation, reports and scientific studies on parameters of various types of
magnetic systems (electromagnets, pulse magnets, insertion devices);
 studies on future synchrotron magnetic devices;
 development of injection magnet systems;
 optimization of the storage ring parameters with new insert devices – determination of the correction matrix ;
 participation in the synchrotron operation;
 providing assistance in works on the maintenance and development of other elements of the accelerator, including
work on power supply control software;
 taking part in the purchase of magnet system components and power supplies, including the creation of
specifications technical, verification of offers and supervision over the performance of the contract;
 readiness to participate in trainings and conferences as well as for other business trips.

 University degree in physics, applied mechanics, electrical engineering or related;
 knowledge of electromagnetism, electrodynamics, accelerator physic;
 ability to think analytically;
 experience in research work as well as acquisition and analysis of experimental data;
 ability to work individually and in a team;
 willingness to develop and improve their qualifications in the field of accelerator physics;
 self-organization;
 knowledge of the English language at the communicative level.

 Knowledge of the MATLAB, MATHEMATICA environment;
 Knowledge of programs for calculating the distribution of magnetic fields, eg FEMM;
 Programming skills in Python, C ++ .

Place of work: Krakow
Additional information: We offer a full-time fixed-term employment contract with the prospect of employment for an
indefinite period as a magnet specialist.

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