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You will join a team of 6 persons in charge of the mechanical assembly and maintenance of high precision instruments and the supply of machined mechanical parts.

Your main tasks will be:

  • Assembly of high precision mechanical systems, both autonomously and in a team
  • Tests, maintenance and management of cryogenic cooling systems
  • Preparation, testing and stock management of standard ESRF components (e.g. motorised mechanical systems)

These tasks involve:

  • Careful precision assembly works requiring the analysis of 2D and 3D drawings (SolidWorks), the understanding of mechanical systems and the use of modern metrology machines
  • Understanding the operation of cryogenic liquid cooling units requiring basic knowledge of fluid mechanics, vacuum and cryogenic
  • A rigorous organisation and archiving of the stock and interventions on standard ESRF components

The assembly activities are performed within an experienced team in a dedicated lab equipped with cutting-edge equipment.


  • You should hold a vocational qualification or technical degree in mechanics or a related discipline
  • 4 to 10 years of relevant professional experience
  • Strong ability to analyse mechanical drawings and understand mechanical systems
  • Good knowledge of metrology processes
  • Some knowledge of fluid mechanics will be an asset
  • Good manual skills, with attention to detail for precision tasks
  • Familiarity with software tools (Word, Excel, Solidworks)
  • Autonomy, method and rigor, including in writing documentation
  • Ability to communicate in English (working language at the ESRF) and in French


We offer a comprehensive benefits package designed to support your quality of life and your installation in the Grenoble area when relocation is needed.

The annual gross salary may be completed by additional allowances (shift allowance, standby allowance, expatriation allowance, etc.).


The European Synchrotron, the ESRF, is an international research centre based in Grenoble, France.

Through its innovative engineering, pioneering scientific vision and a strong commitment from its 700 staff members, the ESRF is recognised as one of the top research facilities worldwide. Its particle accelerator produces intense X-ray beams that are used by thousands of scientists each year for experiments in diverse fields such as biology, medicine, environmental sciences, cultural heritage, materials science, and physics.

Supported by 22 countries, the ESRF is an equal opportunity employer and encourages diversity.

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