Mechatronics Engineer

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    • Job title: Mechatronics engineer
    • Ref.: 8130
    • Contract type: Permanent contract
    • Salary range: 37-48K€


Within the ESRF Instrumentation Services and Development Division (ISDD), you will join the Mechanical engineering group, comprising 50 engineers and technicians in charge of the development, design, construction and testing of new scientific instruments for the ESRF particle accelerator complex and experimental stations (beamlines).

You will contribute to the modelling, design and tests of advanced high precision positioning devices integrating actuators, ultra-high precision displacement sensors and real time active feedback control systems. You will work in close relation with electronics and software engineers, within a mechatronics unit.

Your main duties and responsibilities are the following:

  • Carry out feasibility studies and conceptual design of advanced mechanical systems for the experimental facilities: high precision positioning mechanics, opto-mechanics, etc
  • Carry out the modelling of mechatronic system dynamics (transfer functions, simulations, error budgeting, etc) and contribute to associated engineering calculations
  • Select, propose, and validate the most efficient control strategy and laws and contribute to their implementation (Matlab – Simulink programming), in a collaborative process with the electronics and software engineers.
  • Characterise the accuracy of high precision motorised systems in the dedicated lab equipped with nanometric precision measurement tools. Participate in the development of data acquisition and processing software, new measurement systems and in writing reports
  • Co-manage the activities in the Mechatronic Engineering Laboratory
  • Keep track of the latest technological developments of interest for the ESRF and make innovative proposals. Develop collaborations with others institutes in the field of mechatronics.

You are expected to become the expert engineer for high precision motion systems integrating mechatronics solutions and be in charge of promoting these techniques within the ESRF.


  • Higher university degree (Master or equivalent 300 ECTS diploma) in mechatronics
  • 3 to 10 years of professional experience
  • Skills and experience in mechatronics design and systems modelling using Matlab and Simulink, FEA softwares and mechanical design using CAD tools
  • This position involves frequent interactions with people of various responsibilities and skills (physicists, electronics engineers, managers), which requires good communication skills, team spirit and the ability to quickly understand scientific needs
  • English proficiency (working language at the ESRF)
  • Candidates are encouraged to highlight any experience with mechatronics, high precision positioning systems integrating actuators, guidings and sensors, measurements of high precision motions, sensor technologies, closed-loop systems or data acquisition.


We offer a comprehensive benefits package designed to support your quality of life and your installation in the Grenoble area when relocation is needed.

The monthly salary may be complemented by additional allowances upon eligibility (expatriation allowance, etc.).

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