Micro- & Nano-Carbon Laboratory Postdoctoral Research Associate at Elettra

Deadline: 07 June 2019
Ref: DB/19/19

Company description

Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is an international multidisciplinary research center operated as a user facility, featuring a 2.0/2.4 GeV, third-generation synchrotron light source (Elettra), a new free-electron laser light source (FERMI) and a variety of support laboratories. The extremely high quality of the machines and beamlines has set new performance records and has been producing results of great scientific and technologic interest. See http://www.elettra.eu for more information.

Beamline / Project / Activity description

The Micro- & Nano-Carbon laboratory is an Elettra support laboratory. This facility has been developed for users within the role of off-line laboratory for samples preparation and analysis before using the beamlines. Moreover, the internal research projects of Micro- & Nano-Carbon laboratory include the study of the electronic and chemical properties of surfaces and nanostructures, the growth and analysis of 1D and 2D materials, the atomic structure determination of surfaces and interfaces and the realization of devices as organic solar cells, catalytic electrodes for electrochemistry, sensors, etc. A large part of the ongoing research deals with one-dimensional systems, such as carbon nanotubes, and two-dimensional organic/inorganic interfaces, such as porphyrins on metals. These activities are performed by exploiting the capabilities presently offered by the Micro- and Nano-Carbon laboratory and by applying for proposals in several beamlines.  For more information, please, see:https://www.elettra.eu/lightsources/labs-and-services/labs-mnc/lmnc-home.html

Job description

The successful candidate will be involved in the study of the electronic, chemical and structural properties of complex and in-situ prepared materials, including 1D and 2D systems, surface science and surface chemistry. He/she will collaborate with the laboratory staff and users in running and further developing the Micro-& Nano-Carbon laboratory in order to accomplish the experimental program and the Industrial Liaison Office requests. He/she will also be involved in the preparation and writing of projects for the operation and development of the laboratory.


A Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry or a related discipline is required. Experience in most of the following techniques is necessary: photoelectron spectroscopy, angle-resolved and time-of-flight photoemission, X-ray absorption and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. Moreover, experience is required in ultra-high-vacuum methods for surface analysis, films and nanostructure growth and in the construction of scientific equipment relevant to synchrotron beamlines.

Good time management skills and ability to prioritize are expected, together with the ability to interact with staff and facility users at all levels and to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Good oral and written communication skills in English are essential.

To apply for this job please visit www.elettra.eu.