PhD position – Feasibility of Cherenkov Diffraction Radiation Beam Position Monitor for high-energy electron machines

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Project Description:

Cherenkov-Diffraction Radiation (ChDR) is an emission phenomenon which occurs when a charged particle moves in the vicinity of and parallel to a dielectric medium. Due to its non-invasive nature, the light emitted by ChDR may be exploited for an entirely new suite of diagnostics instrumentation. In recent years, proof-of principle studies at CESR, USA; ATF2, Japan; CLEAR, CERN, Switzerland and Diamond Light Source, UK have demonstrated the sensitivity of incoherent ChDR on parameters such as beam size, bunch length, and beam position.

With accelerator upgrades such as Diamond-II which employ narrow beam pipes, a novel beam position monitor (BPM) using ChDR becomes feasible. This project is to develop a ChDR BPM suitable for high-energy electron beams. The student will:

  1. Perform simulations using the analytical models of ChDR derived applying the polarization current approach (PCA), e.g. Python programming
  2. Conduct experiments using the electron beam, OTR monitors, inductive BPM and ChDR monitor on the Booster-to-Storage Ring (BTS) test stand e.g. hands-on experience on the accelerator, a variety of diagnostics, and optical components.
  3. Analyse acquired data e.g. imaging processing, Python programming.

Training will be provided by the Johns Adams Institute, Royal Holloway University of London and Diamond Light Source.

In addition to the research done within Diamond and Royal Holloway, Uni. of London, the student will have the opportunity to discuss results with the wider research team including collaborators from Tomsk, Russia, and CERN, Switzerland. Furthermore, the student is expected to present results at international conferences as appropriate.

Diamond Light Source Ltd holds an Athena SWAN Bronze Award, demonstrating their commitment to provide equal opportunities and to advance the representation of women in STEM/M subjects: science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine.

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