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  • Job title: PhD Thesis Student (m/f) on ID27 in the Matter at Extremes group
  • Ref.:CFR454
  • Contract type: Time-limited contract
  • Salary range:30.5K€
  • Publication start on Front Office : Site internet:28/09/2023
  • Contract duration:2-year contract, renewable 1 year


Subject: Interactions of rock-forming minerals with aqueous fluids at planetary interiors conditions

You will take part of a collaboration between the ESRF (beamline ID27) and Bayerisches Geoinstitut (BGI) of the University of Bayreuth, to study properties of deep Earth’s mantle using cutting-edge in situ experimental techniques. Understanding of the deep water cycle is essential to address habitability and evolution of planetary bodies as well as processes that have direct impacts on surface environments (i.e. earthquakes and volcanos). This phD project aims to obtain a comprehensive understanding of role of water in Earth and planetary interiors, by studying interactions of water and minerals of the lower mantle. Laser-heated diamond anvil cells will be used to maintain relevant high-pressure-high-temperature condition, while the products of the reactions will be characterised by in situ X-ray diffraction (at beamline ID27), Synchrotron Mössbauer Source (at beamline ID14) and complementary spectroscopic techniques (at BGI). This project will resolve fundamental questions of deep water storage and effect of water on mineralogy and geochemistry of planetary bodies.

Further information may be obtained from Anna Pakhomova (tel.: +33 (0)4 76 88 45 16, email: or Leonid Dubrovinsky (tel.: +49 (0)921 55 37 36, email:


  • Degree allowing enrollment for a PhD (such as MSc, Master 2 de Recherche, Laurea or equivalent) in Earth science, chemistry, physics, materials science or closely related science
  • A background in X-ray diffraction and/or diamond anvil cell techniques is desirable
  • Strong interest in challenging experimental work
  • Proficiency in English (working language at the ESRF)


Your shall be enrolled in XXX University / Doctoral School as a condition of your hiring.

Contract of two years renewable for one year.

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