Post-doctoral position for near ambient-pressure photoelectron spectroscopy

Reference: EXP-15-2018

Deadline: 2018/12/17


ALBA is the Spanish 3-GeV synchrotron radiation facility operated by the Consortium CELLS, which is equally funded by the Spanish Government (Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades) and the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament d’Economia i Coneixement). ALBA is currently
operating 8 beamlines, and is expanding its capabilities with the construction of four new beamlines.

The CIRCE beamline provides photons in the energy range 100 – 2000 eV with full polarization control, high resolution, intensity, and stability. One of its branches hosts the experimental station for Near Ambient Pressure Photoemission (NAPP), which permits performing high energy resolution NEXAFS and XPS with a gas atmosphere of up to 20 mbar at the sample position and variable temperature.
Applications range from catalysis to electrochemistry and energy-related materials.


In addition to his/her main task: to develop his/her research project in near ambient pressure photoemission spectroscopy, his/her functions will be also to help in the activities of the beamline.

Specific tasks are:

– To participate in the public and industrial users support program.
– Beamline upgrade, commissioning and maintenance activities.


The candidate must hold a PhD degree in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science or a related discipline.

She/he should have experience with ultra-high vacuum instrumentation, preferably including XPS, and synchrotron experiments. Experience with gas handling systems and programming skills are desirable.

In addition, the applicant should have good interpersonal soft skills, adaptability to a multidisciplinary environment, sense of responsibility and capabilities to work in a group.

The working language at ALBA is English.


The offered job is a postdoctoral contract based on the Spanish Science Law (article 22).
The duration of the contract will be two years with a possible extension of three additional years (after positive evaluation of the performances). The contract includes a test period of 6 months.

Yearly gross salary, as of today, 29,450 €.

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