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The Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light Source (SSRL), a directorate of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, is a national user facility providing synchrotron radiation for research in biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental science, material science, medicine, and physics. SSRL operates and maintains synchrotron radiation beam lines a 3GeV electron storage ring SPEAR3 and the associated injector facility. The SSRL Beam Line Systems Division – Department of Mechanical Systems (DMS) is responsible for the design and construction of hardware upgrades and the mechanical maintenance, assembly, and installation for the SSRL beam lines and SPEAR3 accelerator.

The Department of Mechanical Systems seeks a Science & Engineering Principal Technician to directly support the development, assembly and installation of accelerator hardware. The Principal Technician will demonstrate a highly developed sense of mechanical fabrication knowledge and practical machine operation. The Principal Technician is skilled in drawing interpretation and hardware installation; demonstrate strong work ethics and attention to detail.

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop preventative maintenance plans and technical notes for maintenance of water-cooling circuits, compressed air, helium supplies and piping, including actuation and testing.
  • Coordinate activities with other mechanical, electrical, and vacuum group members to ensure safe and effective installation and maintenance of SSRL and SPEAR components.
  • Develop lift and material handling plans to ensure the safe handling of heavy loads during installation and maintenance activities.
  • Maintain a set of cranes, forklifts, and other lifting devices, ensuring that they are certified for use.
  • Maintain a stock of hardware and spare components, a complete inventory of rapid response repair kits for critical LCW, mechanical and pneumatic components.
  • Operate metal processing machines (lathes, mill’s saw’s) to support accelerator projects.
  • Maintain and operate a hydrostatic and flow testing equipment.
  • Serve as team member/lead in the execution of mechanical maintenance, mechanical systems troubleshooting and problem resolution, and new mechanical system installation for the SSRL X-ray beam lines and SPEAR3 accelerator complex.

The duties listed in this section are designed to provide a representative sampling of key tasks and/or responsibilities associated with the job. They are not intended to be a complete list of all the duties performed by employees in the classification.

To be successful in this position you will bring:

  • Associate degree or certificate of completion in a Electromechanical Technology/Electromechanical Engineering or maintenance related discipline or equivalent work experience.
  • Minimum 8 years of relevant work experience including:
  • Applying maintenance and engineering principles /practices to perform technical services and support.
  • Working in a laboratory or industrial environment and supporting apparatus such as motors, vacuum-systems, power supplies and process pipping.
  • Supporting pressure and vacuum systems operations, maintenance and test qualifications.
  • In-depth background in mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic systems associated with the installation and upkeep of a synchrotron light sources or an equivalent facility.
  • Ability to schedule, plan, review and integrate work and be able to evaluate possible effects on mechanical systems, installation and maintenance plan or process.
  • Ability to develop conceptual design work and be able to perform engineering calculations on various electromechanical instruments or system designs.
  • Diagnose complex problems with mechanical systems in concert with mechanical engineers and other system managers.
  • Support installation activities including the use of cranes, fork lifts, and other material handling devices.
  • Develop preventative maintenance plans and technical notes and assist with contingency plan.
  • Must be skilled in plumbing, precision tube bending, tube and hydraulic hose fittings.
  • Excellent record keeping skills and ability to coordinate monitor and support administrative and technical duties related to research studies and/or engineering projects.
  • Interpret and determine validity of data and check own work.
  • Ability to interface and communicate with all levels of staff including technical and scientific staff, students, faculty, and outside vendors, ensure accurate and timely transfer of information.
  • Serve as a technical liaison and effectively mentor and be able to train a diverse work staff.

SLAC employee competencies:

  • Effective Decisions: Uses job knowledge and solid judgment to make quality decisions in a timely manner.
  • Self-Development: Pursues a variety of venues and opportunities to continue learning and developing.
  • Dependability: Can be counted on to deliver results with a sense of personal responsibility for expected outcomes.
  • Initiative: Pursues work and interactions proactively with optimism, positive energy, and motivation to move things forward.
  • Adaptability: Flexes as needed when change occurs, maintains an open outlook while adjusting and accommodating changes.
  • Communication:  Ensures effective information flow to various audiences and creates and delivers clear, appropriate written, spoken, presented messages
  • Relationships: Builds relationships to foster trust, collaboration, and a positive climate to achieve.

Physical requirements and Working conditions:

  • Consistent with its obligations under the law, the University will provide reasonable accommodation to any employee with a disability who requires accommodation to perform the essential functions of his or her job.

Work standards:

  • Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrates the ability to work well with Stanford colleagues and clients and with external organizations.
  • Promote Culture of Safety: Demonstrates commitment to personal responsibility and value for environment, safety and security; communicates related concerns; uses and promotes safe behaviors based on training and lessons learned.  Meets the applicable roles and responsibilities as described in the ESH Manual, Chapter 1—General Policy and Responsibilities:
  • Subject to and expected to comply with all applicable University policies and procedures, including but not limited to the personnel policies and other policies found in the University’s Administrative Guide,
  • Policies found in the University’s Administrative Guide,

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