Software Engineer for Beamline Control Systems

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Deadline: 07 June 2019
Ref: IA/19/18

Company description

Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is an international multidisciplinary research center operated as a user facility, featuring a 2.0/2.4 GeV, third-generation synchrotron light source (Elettra), a new free-electron laser light source (FERMI) and a variety of support laboratories. The extremely high quality of the machines and beamlines has set new performance records and has been producing results of great scientific and technologic interest. See for more information.

Beamline / Project / Activity description

The control system of Elettra and FERMI consists of several computers distributed along the facilities that interface with the different equipment to be controlled. State-of-the-art hardware and software technologies are adopted; the TANGO control system software ( is used to develop distributed control applications.

Job description

The successful candidate will work in the development of control and data acquisition systems for the Elettra and FERMI beamlines. In particular, he/she will work in collaboration with Beamline Scientists and external users in order to understand their needs and to establish Data Acquisition processes and software requirements, to integrate scientific instrumentation in the existing control system and to manage the data reduction/analysis.


A Master Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Science is required together with a minimum of 3 years of experience in computing technologies. The candidate must have in-depth knowledge of Python, C/C++, JavaScript, GNU/Linux, networking concepts and distributed computer systems, as well as familiarity with electronic laboratory instrumentation and detectors. A proven experience in the development of software using the TANGO framework is desirable.

Experience in scientific data analysis and international collaborations will be considered a plus.

Good time management skills and ability to prioritize are expected, together with the ability to interact with staff and facility users at all levels and to work productively as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Good oral and written communication skills in English are essential.

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