Technician in Electronics

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Job title: Technician in Electronics
Ref: 4511
Contract type: Permanent contract
Salary range: 27-29K€

Context & Job Description

As a technician of the Radio Frequency (RF) Group you will work on the 352 MHz RF system composed of high power RF amplifiers that feed the accelerating cavities of the booster injector and the EBS storage ring of the ESRF accelerator complex. You will contribute to the maintenance and upgrade of the system, including the design and implementation of new low level RF, analogue and digital electronics boards. You will also actively participate in the implementation of new high power transistor amplifiers and in the development of a 1.41 GHz harmonic RF system to further improve the EBS performance.

Your duties will include:

  • Design and implementation of analogue and digital boards, including their assembly in racks
  • Implementation of programmable circuits
  • Follow up and maintenance tasks
  • Writing the documentation of your work
  • Participation in the operation of the RF system and RF standby

Expected Profile

  • Vocational secondary education in electronics (BTS, DUT, Techniker, or equivalent).
  • Conversion, serial buses, microcontrollers, programmable circuits
  • Knowledge of Python will be an asset
  • Knowledge of radio frequency techniques will be an asset
  • Teamwork capability and good communication skills with international scientific and technical staff are essential
  • Ability to communicate in English (working language at the ESRF) and in French

Working Conditions

Permanent position. Part of your work could be carried out in shifts, following ESRF regulations.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package designed to support your quality of life and your installation in the Grenoble area when relocation is needed.

The annual gross salary may be completed by additional allowances (shift allowance, standby allowance, expatriation allowance, etc.).

Company Description

The European Synchrotron, the ESRF, is an international research centre based in Grenoble, France.

Through its innovative engineering, pioneering scientific vision and a strong commitment from its 700 staff members, the ESRF is recognised as one of the top research facilities worldwide. Its particle accelerator produces intense X-ray beams that are used by thousands of scientists each year for experiments in diverse fields such as biology, medicine, environmental sciences, cultural heritage, materials science, and physics.

Supported by 21 countries, the ESRF is an equal opportunity employer and encourages diversity.

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