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One voice for the light source community

Lightsources.org is the result of a collaboration between communicators from light source facilities around the world. This platform groups 23 synchrotrons and 7 FEL facilities representing 24 organisations from 3 geographic zones: Europe / the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia / Australia.

This site is a global resource, providing information and updates about light sources research and achievements, and opportunities for careers and international collaboration. This is made possible by financial support from the member facilities, whose contributions enable further promotion and international coverage of their innovations and capabilities.

In Europe, in the past 5 years alone, light source facilities have welcomed 24,000 users, who have had an impact on a wider network of 35,000 researchers, with 23,400 unique articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Our next goal is to create global statistics for the entire community – we like a challenge!

Lightsources.org creates one voice for the field, ensuring our member facilities are well positioned for funding, access, and research, to make use of each facility’s unique capabilities, and to enhance the effectiveness of the science carried out.

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