Europe and the Middle East

There are more than 20 light sources in Europe and the Middle-East (operational, or under construction). This page lists all European members of the collaboration.

Orange pins on the map represent members of the collaboration.
If your facility is not listed below and you wish to join our collaboration, please contact our project manager.

Synchrotron facilities

FEL facilities

EU initiatives

There are several EU initiative related to lightsources. For information we are listing the ones we are aware of here:

  • LEAPS – the League of European Accelerator-based Photon Sources – is a strategic consortium initiated by the Directors of the Synchrotron Radiation and Free Electron Laser (FEL) user facilities in Europe
    For more information visit:
  • FELs Of EUROPE – is a collaboration of all free electron laser (FEL) facilities in Europe, with the goal to meet the technological and scientific challenges of these novel and rapidly developing technologies
    For more information visit:
  • Wayforlight – is a portal for users of European Light sources; wayforlight is an initiative of the European H2020 projects CALIPSOplus and EUCALL
    For more information visit:
  • CALIPSOplus – The aim of the CALIPSOplus project is to remove barriers for access to world-class accelerator-based light sources in Europe and in the Middle East.
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  • EUCALL – is a network between leading large-scale user facilities for free-electron laser, synchrotron and optical laser radiation working together on common methodologies and research opportunities, as well as developing tools to sustain this interaction in the future.
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