Proposal Deadlines

Upcoming proposal deadlines:

Call for proposals for LNLS Manaca beamline


till 2020/09/30

Location: Campinas, Brazil

CALIPSOplus access for SMEs


till 2020/12/21

Location: Various European Facilities

Till 21st December 2020, small and medium companies can ask for funded beamtime in different European light sources thanks to EU CALIPSOplus project. Cerdanyola del Vallès, 7th September, 2020. The European project CALIPSOplus brings together 19 partners offering access to 14 synchrotrons and 8 FELs in Europe and the Middle East. In particular, the project is funding industry (SMEs) … Read more CALIPSOplus access for SMEs

PAL-XFEL Call for proposals for the first half year of 2021

Date: 2020/09/25

Location: Pohang (Korea)

The PAL-XFEL has three experimental stations, two for hard X-ray experiments (XSS: X-ray Scattering and Spectroscopy, NCI: Nano Crystallography and Coherent Imaging) and one for soft X-ray experiments (SSS: Soft X-ray Scattering and Spectroscopy).

PAL-XFEL Call for R&D beamtime proposals

Date: 2020/09/25

Location: Pohang (Korea)

PAL-XFEL operates R&D beamtime program independent from regular user beamtime. It is opened for the experiments that meet a set of criteria. Please visit website for further detailed information.

Diamond-AP28 Call for Proposals: Jan-March 2021

Date: 2020/09/30

Location: Didcot, UK

The call for proposals for AP28 is now open for all physical science instruments and B21, B22 and I22. ePSIC is only accepting rapid access proposals. The period covered in this call includes January-March 2021 only.The majority of beamlines and instruments will continue to provide time to existing proposals until end of March 2021.

Call for proposals deadline: MAX IV

Date: 2020/10/13

Location: Lund, Sweden (Europe)

Call for proposals deadline: SLS (PX beamlines)

Date: 2020/10/15

Location: Villigen, Switzerland (Europe)

Call for regular proposals FLASH (at DESY)

Date: 2021/01/04

Location: Hamburg, Germany (Europe)

Please note – these will not be until 2021

Call for proposals deadline: MAX IV

Date: 2021/02/02

Location: Lund, Sweden (Europe)