Proposal Deadlines

Upcoming proposal deadlines:

Call for proposals for Industrial Access (SMEs)


till 2020/07/29

Location: Europe and the Middle East

Till 29th July 2020, small and medium companies can ask for funded beamtime in different European light sources thanks to EU CALIPSOplus project. The European project CALIPSOplus brings together 19 partners offering access to 14 synchrotrons and 8 FELs in Europe and the Middle East. In particular, the project is funding industry (SMEs) trans-national access to light sources. Fifth … Read more Call for proposals for Industrial Access (SMEs)

Call for Long-Term Projects (LTP) and Block Allocation Group (BAG) proposals Petra III (at DESY)


till 2020/07/13

Location: Hamburg, Germany (Europe)

Call for regular proposals Petra III at DESY


till 2020/09/01

Location: Hamburg, Germany (Europe)

Call for proposals deadline: SLS (PX beamlines)

Date: 2020/09/08

Location: Villigen, Switzerland (Europe)

Call for proposals deadline: MAX IV

Date: 2020/09/15

Location: Lund, Sweden (Europe)

Call for proposals deadline: Elettra

Date: 2020/09/15

Location: Trieste, Italy (Europe)

Call for regular proposals FLASH (at DESY)

Date: 2021/01/04

Location: Hamburg, Germany (Europe)

Please note – these will not be until 2021