Post-Doctoral Associate – Intelligent Simulation of Experiments at Light Sources

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Position Description

The National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) at Brookhaven National Laboratory seeks two post-doctoral researchers to develop a suite of intelligent software tools to enable effective simulations of synchrotron light wave production and propagation for realistic modelling of actual experiments using synchrotrons and free-electron lasers and to provide machine learning based feedback for experimental optimization and data processing. This includes work on the development of physical optics computation methods and software (both core libraries and user interfaces), simulations, benchmarking the results vs. experimental data, and potentially developing artificial intelligence based algorithms to maximize the scientific output. The successful candidates are expected to participate in the design of new instruments and new experiments, as well as in commissioning and execution of such experiments at NSLS-II and other light source facilities.

Position Requirements

Required Qualifications and Skills

– PhD in Physics, Computer Science or related field;
– Basic knowledge of Electrodynamics;
– Experience with Numerical Methods (in particular FFT, multi-dimensional integration, optimization, machine learning);
– Extensive programming experience (preferably in C/C++ and Python);
– Ability to interact and to communicate effectively in a team environment with a diverse group of scientific staff.

Preferred Qualifications and Skills

All the Required Qualifications and Skills, plus one or more of the following:
– Experience with X-ray Optics and /or participation in experiments at synchrotron light source facilities;
– Basic knowledge of Condensed Matter Physics;
– Python programming experience and acquaintance with popular “3rd party” Python libraries;
– Experience with collaborative development and/or support of large scientific software projects;
– Analytical calculation skills.

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