Postdoctoral fellow on ID21, the X-ray Microspectroscopy Beamline

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Ref: PDID21-1
Contract type: Time-limited contract
Salary range: 45 k€

Context & Job Description
As a post-doctoral fellow, you will be deeply involved in all the beamline activities: you will provide support to external users acting as a local contact, you will develop your own in-house research programme and you will participate in the development of the beamline instruments.

ID21 is a X-ray nano-spectroscopy beamline, operating in the tender X-ray domain (2-11keV), which has been recently refurbished. The beamline hosts a scanning X-ray microscope which will soon be complemented with a state-of-the-art scanning X-ray nano-scope. Both stations offer 2D X-ray fluorescence mapping, and XANES capabilities, at room temperature and in cryo conditions, and are optimized to detect, identify and locate metals in complex matrices. Part of your time will be dedicated to the commissioning and further improvement of the new end-station (possibly working on hardware, software, off-line instruments…). User support on these instruments will be a key activity providing opportunities for collaborative work with international research groups. Current users and in-house research applications are mainly in the fields of Biology, Medicine, Environmental Sciences, Geochemistry and Heritage science. You will be encouraged to develop your own research programme, in one of these fields or any others, providing that it exploits ID21’s unique possibilities (a description of a project will be highly appreciated at the submission of the application).

Further information on the post can be obtained from Marine Cotte (tel.: +33 (0)4 76 88 21 27, email:

Expected Profile
• Ph.D. degree or equivalent in physics, biology, chemistry or a related discipline
• A strong background in the interactions X-rays / matter (XRF, XAS) is desirable
• Previous experience on a synchrotron facility is an asset
• Good communication skills and proficiency in English are also essential to integrate into a multidisciplinary and international research team

Working Conditions
Contract of 18 months, renewable for a further 6 or 18-month period.

What we offer
• Be inspired by our innovative research institute, with an international workforce from 38 different countries
• Collaborate with global experts on real-world science
• Come and live in a vibrant city, in the heart of the Alps, and Europe’s Green Capital 2022
• Enjoy a workplace designed to support your quality of life
• Benefit from our competitive compensation and allowances package, including financial support for your relocation to Grenoble

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The ESRF is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from disabled persons.

Company Description
The European Synchrotron, the ESRF, is an international research centre based in Grenoble, France.

Through its innovative engineering, pioneering scientific vision and a strong commitment from its 700 staff members, the ESRF is recognised as one of the top research facilities worldwide. Its particle accelerator produces intense X-ray beams that are used by thousands of scientists each year for experiments in diverse fields such as biology, medicine, environmental sciences, cultural heritage, materials science, and physics.

Supported by 21 countries, the ESRF is an equal opportunity employer and encourages diversity.

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