Australian Synchrotron


ANSTO’s Australian Synchrotron is a 3 GeV national synchrotron and supports a broad range of high quality research, with applications in sectors from medicine and nanotechnology to manufacturing and mineral exploration. The facility opened in Clayton, Victoria and is owned and operated by  ANSTO.

    • Over 4,000 users per year, working on 10 operational beamlines, with 8 more proposed.
    • The Australian Synchrotron’s mission is to enable science for the benefit of the community, by providing world-class synchrotron expertise and facilities.

Latest News From Australian Synchrotron

Australia, Clayton (VIC)
Energy: 3 GeV
Current: 200 mA
Number of operational Beamlines: 10
Horizontal emittance: 10 nm rad
Vertical emittance: 0.1 nm rad
Call for proposals
Call for proposals are three times per year and are issued with closing dates in January, May and September. For all other access routes please see here.