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The Photon Factory is an accelerator-based light source facility, as a part of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) Japan. The Photon Factory has two light source accelerators. The PF ring (2.5 GeV) has been operated since 1982. This is the first dedicated synchrotron light source in Japan, which supply X-rays. Several improvements of accelerator have been made and resulted in high-brilliant light source. The PF-AR (advanced ring) is a unique light source, that is, high-intensity pulsed synchrotron source which is effective for time resolved experiments. There are 50 experimental stations at PF and PF-AR

  • Opening to users in 1982 as the first light source in Japan.

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Japan, Ibaraki

Energy: 2.5-GeV PF Ring and 6.5-GeV PF Advanced Ring (PF-AR)

Call for proposals
Photon Factory welcomes an application of research proposals from all over the world. The due dates of the proposal submission are set twice a year (May and November) except for U, P and S1 categories. More information on the Photon Factory website.