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ALBA is the Spanish 3rd generation synchrotron light source and constitutes the largest scientific infrastructure in the country. The facility, located near Barcelona, consists of the accelerator systems providing 3 GeV electron beam and several experimental beamlines, with photon energies currently ranging from infrared up to hard X-rays of tens of KeV. Different synchrotron radiation techniques are available including diffraction, spectroscopies and imaging.

  • ALBA was opened to users in May 2012.
  • At the moment 3 additional beamlines (LOREA, XAIRA and NOTOS) are being built and 1 new beamline (FAXTOR) is in its design stage.

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Spain, Barcelona, Cerdanyola del Vallès

Energy: 3 GeV
Current: up to 250 mA
Operational Beamlines: 8
Horizontal emittance: 4.3 nm rad
Vertical emittance: 28 pm rad

Call for proposals
ALBA has two calls per year which cover beamtime for the first and second semester. Opening of the call is foreseen in July and January with deadlines in September and February respectively.
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