BESSY II at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB)

Luftbild von BESSY II (HZB)Credit: HZB / D. Laubner

The storage ring BESSY II emits extremely brilliant photon pulses ranging from the long wave terahertz region to hard X-rays, with a strong emphasis on VUV and soft X-ray emissions. Users can choose the energy range and the polarisation of the radiation. The 46 beam holes at the undulator, wiggler, and dipole sources offer users a many-faceted mix of beam holes and measuring sites with outstanding energy resolution.

The combination of brilliance and photon pulses makes BESSY II an ideal microscope for space and time, allowing resolutions down to femtoseconds and picometres. The BESSY II photon source offers outstanding capabilities for investigating thin films as well as boundary surfaces. This makes BESSY II perfectly suited for research on energy materials.

    • One of the most important projects is the transformation of BESSY II into a variable storage ring featuring variable light pulses: BESSY-VSR. Users will be able to select at any time and on each instrument whether they want short (1.5 picoseconds) or longer light pulses (15 picoseconds).

Latest News From Bessy II (HZB)

Germany, Berlin
Energy: 1.72 GeV
Current: 300 mA
Operational Beamlines: 46

Call for proposals
Two calls for proposals per year are issued with deadlines 1st March and 1st September. Beamtime applications have to be submitted through the online General Access Tool (GATE).
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