ESRF, the European Synchrotron

Profile Page_ESRF_ESRF_PJayetThe ESRF, the European Synchrotron, is an international research facility supported by 22 countries, based in Grenoble, France. Thanks to high-level, innovative engineering and cutting-edge vision, the ESRF is recognised as a global leader in its field, welcoming more than 7.000 scientists every year, from all over the world, from academia and industry, to study the inner structure of materials and living matter down to the atom.

    • The European Synchrotron was founded in 1988 and began operations in 1994.
    • The on-going EBS (Extremely Brilliant Source) upgrade programme will see the construction of a revolutionary new storage ring by 2022, with performance increased by a factor of 100.

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France, Grenoble
Energy: 6 GeV
Current: 200 mA
Operational Beamlines: 44
Horizontal emittance: 1.510-10 mrad
Vertical emittance: 5.0 pm rad

Call for proposals

Standard and BAG proposals: 1stMarch and 10th September each year
Long Term Project proposals: 15th January each year, due to the long shutdown for the EBS, the next deadline for the submission of LTP proposals will be: 15th January 2020.
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