European XFEL

Der fertiggestellte Beschleunigertunnel am 20. März 2017 The completed accelerator tunnel on 20 March 2017

European XFEL is a new independent, international research facility and the world’s largest X-ray free-electron laser. It generates X-ray laser light with a brilliance that is a billion times brighter than that of conventional synchrotron X-ray sources. Scientists are able to map atomic details of viruses, “film” chemical reactions, and study processes such as those deep inside planets. Currently the FEL counts 8,000 X-ray flashes per second, which is more than in any other free electron laser facility. In the future 27,000 X-ray flashes per second will open up unique new opportunities for researchers from across the globe. 12 European XFEL partner countries contribute to the facility. European XFEL also collaborates closely with its main shareholder DESY and other organizations world-wide.

  • User operation started in September 2017, with two instrument stations.
  • Currently there are six instrument stations.

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Germany, Schenefeld (Hamburg)

Energy: 17.5 GeV (currently 14 GeV)
Current: 27 μA (currently 1.5 μA)
Operational Beamlines: 3
Horizontal emittance: 1.4 mm mrad
Vertical emittance: 1.4 mm mrad

Call for proposals
European XFEL is a facility in early user operation. At present, calls for proposals are announced when suitable conditions and resources are in place.
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