Synchrotron SOLARIS

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SOLARIS  National Synchrotron Radiation facility Centre functions under the auspices of the Jagiellonian University. The Centre was built between 2011 and 2014. The excellent parameters of the SOLARIS synchrotron put it in the forefront of this type of devices in the world.

The SOLARIS synchrotron is the largest scientific research device in Poland. It is also the first and only synchrotron light source in Central Europe. Kraków synchrotron was built using the most modern technologies and following an innovative project designed by specialists from the Swedish MAXIV Laboratory.  SOLARIS synchrotron light source has a 550 MeV linear accelerator (Linac) and full energy (1.5 GeV) storage ring. The SOLARIS synchrotron will begin operation with two beamlines (PEEM/XAS with two endstations, and UARPES with one end-station). Ultimately, however, the experimental hall of the Kraków accelerator will house dozens of them. In total, the beamlines will be fitted with about twenty end-stations.

  • SOLARIS is the only synchrotron in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The infrastructure currently has three new beamlines under construction.

Latest News From SOLARIS

Poland, Krakow
Energy: 1,5 GeV
Current: 500 mA
Operational Beamlines: 2
Horizontal emittance: 6 nm rad
Vertical emittance: 60 picometres
Call for proposals
For Standard Access: Two calls per year are issued, the deadlines are 1st April and 1st October for each year.
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