Profile1_FLASH_2016_copyright_DESYAs the world’s first free-electron laser in the soft X-ray range, FLASH at DESY, started in 2005 to generate extremely intense and ultrashort pulsed laser flashes for user experiments. At present two FEL lines are being operated in parallel with independent photon beam parameters for user experiments at the beamlines.
FLASH can be used for a variety of applications in natural sciences including the development of new methods and instrumentation. In particular pump-probe experiments are highly demanded: They allow the investigations of processes on atomic time scales, for example, photocatalytic chemical reactions or light induced switching of conductivity or magnetization.

  • Energy range of ~15–300 eV and variable pulse durations between a few fs and over 200 fs.
  • Together with synchrotron source PETRA III at DESY, FLASH welcomes experiements in the fields health, energy, materials, earth and environmental science, as well as for information technology.

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Germany, Hamburg


Pulses: up to 8000 photon pulses per second
Energy: 1.25 GeV
Current: Peak power: 1-5 GW
Operational Beamlines: 2


Call for proposals
For standard access two calls per year will be issued with deadlines of 1 April and 1 October each for a six month period.
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