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DESY operates one of the world’s brightest storage-ring-based X-ray radiation sources: PETRA III offers outstanding opportunities for scientific user experiments since 2009. Based on this, the present beamline portfolio encompasses key instrumental and methodological capabilities that enable high-resolution diffraction and inelastic spectroscopy, correlation spectroscopy and imaging with coherent X-rays, or high-resolution X-ray microscopy and nano-analysis. The high brilliance particularly benefits researchers investigating very small samples or requiring tightly collimated and very short-wavelength X-rays for their experiments, like for the instance investigations of solar cells, catalysts, and batteries under working conditions.

  • Energy range from ~150 eV to 200 keV ; brilliance exceeding 1021 ph/(s mm2 mrad2 0.1% BW).
  • Together with the free-electron laser FLASH at DESY, PETRA III welcomes experiments in the fields of physics, biology, chemistry and crystallography, materials and geological sciences as well as medical applications.

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Germany, Hamburg


Energy: 6.08 GeV
Current: 100 mA (top-up operation)
Operational Beamlines: 20
Horizontal emittance: 1.2 nm rad
Vertical emittance: 0.01 nm rad


Call for proposals
For standard access two calls per year will be issued with deadlines of 1 March and 1 September each for a six month period.
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