New phase of CIRI beamline construction.

The CIRI beamline has received another piece of its infrastructure. Under construction since 2019, CIRI – Chemical InfraRed Imaging – uses infrared radiation for advanced microscopy experiments.

The SOLARIS Center is continuously improving and expanding its infrastructure. This past week saw the long-awaited installation of the first part of the front-end – the optics component that introduces the IR beam from the accumulation ring – on the CIRI beamline.

– It is a modified dipole chamber that will allow the M1 mirror to be moved a short distance from the electron beam and, as a result, allow infrared (IR) radiation to be reflected out of the chamber. This operation required great precision in both the fabrication of the chamber itself and its positioning relative to the rest of the ring. The next step will be to observe the IR beam once the synchrotron is operational – said Dr. Tomasz Wr√≥bel, supervisor of the CIRI beamline.

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