NSRRC 30th Anniversary of First Light

The National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) commemorated the “30th Anniversary of First Light” on October 23rd. Premier Chien-Jen Chen of the Executive Yuan graced the occasion with his presence and delivered an address. He highlighted NSRRC’s steady and solid progress over the past three decades, from the “Taiwan Light Source (TLS)” to the “Taiwan Photon Source (TPS),” making it Taiwan’s largest R&D platform. Premier Chen envisions NSRRC as a key player in advancing Taiwan’s industry, academia, and research through its unique scientific and technological strengths. He underscored the imperative for NSRRC to sustain its R&D momentum, thus laying a solid foundation for Taiwan’s science and technology sector.

NSRRC hosts over 2,000 researchers annually from 20 countries, totaling 12,000 visits to utilize its exceptional synchrotron radiation capabilities for research purposes. The successful establishment of the TPS experiment facilities boosts utilization. Premier Chen emphasized the vital roles of both TLS and TPS in material development, cancer detection, biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, and achieving net-zero carbon emissions. NSRRC’s diverse contributions solidify its importance in Taiwan’s scientific and technological progress.

In addition to Premier Chen, notable guests included Deputy Minister of the National Science and Technology Council, Minn-Tsong Lin; former President of Academia Sinica, Yuan-Tsehn Lee; and esteemed Academicians Luo-Chuang Lee, Maw-Kuen Wu, Lih-Juann Chen, Chien-Te Chen, and Yu Wang. Also present were the Directors of the Taiwan Space Agency, the National Center for High-Performance Computing, and the Taiwan Instrument Research Center: Jong-Shinn Wu, Chau-Lyan Chang, and Cheng-Tang Pan, respectively. These attendees witnessed the inception, growth, and flourishing of Taiwan’s synchrotron radiation development.

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Image: NSRRC 30th Anniversary address by Premier Chien-Jen Chen of the Executive Yuan

Credit: NSRRC