One year anniversary and we are well on our way

Since the opening MAX IV Laboratory will have received 21 groups of scientists.

Since opening 21 June 2016 and up to the summer shutdown MAX IV Laboratory will have received 21 groups of scientists, involved in circa 50 different research projects. They have performed experiments at the beamlines BioMAX (12 groups), NanoMAX (5 groups), FemtoMAX (2 groups) and HIPPIE (2 groups), all situated on the 3 GeV storage ring.

These groups come from both academia and industry and have applied for beamtime either through the normal proposal system or through the expert commissioning call. The scientists come from Sweden (31 persons), Denmark (17 persons), Norway (2 persons), Germany (2 persons) and Finland, Italy and USA (one person from each country).

Some of the topics that these groups have studied relates to:

  • research for new antibiotics by studying the structure of possible bacterial target proteins
  • studies of enzymes that may be targets for medicines, for example cancer
  • examination of the nanoscale distribution of elements in a thin film of kesterite
  • studies of 3D structures of nerve threads from patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes
  • time-resolved X-ray studies of bulk semiconductors and layered nano-crystalline ceramic samples

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