Hybrid Ring – Conceptual design of light source that allows simultaneous use of two beams

A new idea for epochal synchrotron radiation facility is proposed at the Photon Factory jointly operated by the Institute of Materials Structure Science and the Accelerator Laboratory of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK). The new facility called the Hybrid Ring is the advanced storage ring light source combined with a long pulsed superconducting linear accelerator.

The Photon Factory (PF) was the first dedicated synchrotron radiation facility in Japan with a wide range of photon energy from VSX to X-rays. From its first beam in 1982, PF widely supports both basic science and its application of the researchers from universities, national organizations, and private companies. Now, KEK aims to construct a successor facility to the Photon Factory by the early 2030s that is the 50th anniversary of the first beam. New design for the light source facility suitable for a world-class accelerator research institute is underway.

A research group led by Associate Professor Kentaro Harada and Professor Yukinori Kobayashi at the Accelerator Division 6 of the Accelerator Laboratory and Professor Nobumasa Funamori at the Photon Factory of the Institute of Materials Structure Science have developed a new concept of a synchrotron radiation facility called the Hybrid Ring. The Hybrid Ring can not only promote conventional synchrotron radiation user experiments but also develop a new type of user experiment by simultaneous use of two synchrotron radiation beams. These features are expected to make further contributions to a wider range of scientific and technological fields.

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Image:  Conceptual diagram of the Hybrid Ring