Diamond launches major recruitment campaign at AAAS

Coinciding with Women’s History Month, and in the lead up to International Women’s Day, four of Diamond’s STEM champions launch a new recruitment drive

Today, at the prestigious AAAS science conference in Washington DC, Diamond will unveil plans for its biggest recruitment campaign since its inception 20 years ago. Dozens of new roles will be available in the coming year and some examples of the variety of STEM careers will be showcased and celebrated by an all-women lineup from the Diamond team. This recruitment drive aims to ensure the facility has the knowledge and expertise required to help plan and deliver world leading science for the next decade and beyond.

In the lead-up to International Women’s Day (8th March), Diamond’s workshop will shine a light on career pathways in world-changing science. A panel of four women from Diamond will address how their work across science and engineering helps to address 21st century challenges from energy research to pandemic preparedness.  They will share their professional journeys and insights into their roles. Job roles range from scientists, engineers, software experts, technicians to professional roles all essential to enabling the most brilliant science performed by scientists at Diamond. 

Through part of the next decade, Diamond will deliver an upgrade programme called Diamond-II. To continue delivering the world-changing science that Diamond leads and enables, Diamond-II is a project that will deliver a new machine and new beamlines with a comprehensive series of upgrades to optics, detectors, sample environments, sample delivery capabilities and computing. 

Details on the panel:

The workshop panel will feature Dr Lorraine Bobb – Head of Diagnostics Group; Sarah Macdonell – Head of Beamline Systems Engineering; Dr Chidinma Okolo – Beamline Scientist at B24 and Dr Lucy Saunders – Beamline Scientist at I11. It will be chaired by Isabelle Boscaro-Clarke – Head of Impact, Communications and Engagement, with an interactive Q&A session facilitated by Molly Pekarik Fry – Web and Digital Content Manager.

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Image: L to R the Diamond Light Source Panel : Dr Chidinma Okolo – Beamline Scientist at B24; Molly Pekarik Fry – Web and Digital Content Manager, Sarah Macdonell – Head of Beamline Systems Engineering; Isabelle Boscaro-Clarke – Head of Impact, Communications and Engagement; Dr Lorraine Bobb – Head of Diagnostics Group; Dr Lucy Saunders – Beamline Scientist at I11

International Women’s Day Webinar with Dr Claire Malone

The UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), LENS Initiative and lightsources.org are delighted to host a joint webinar to mark International Women’s Day 2023.

In this webinar, Science Communicator and Inclusion Consultant, Dr Claire Malone, will present a personal perspective on working in academia with a physical disability. As a passionate advocate for the inclusion of groups that are typically under-represented in STEM, Claire will discuss her experience of facilitating dialogue between the scientific community and the wider public, addressing the issue of accessibility in education, and promoting the research of women and LGBTQ+ scientists.

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About Claire

I hold a Ph.D. in Particle Physics from the University of Cambridge, in which I analysed data from the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN. Throughout my career, I have had to devise techniques of studying to negotiate the fact that I cannot use a pen/keyboard directly due to my physical disability. I am also passionate about making science accessible to as wide an audience as possible and frequently contribute to public discussions about the best strategies to communicate science to diverse audiences. Therefore, I am a regular contributing columnist for Physics World and the STEM Lead for a charity, the Lightyear Foundation. This has also led me to recently deliver the keynote address at the Public Awareness of Research Infrastructures conference in addition to my TED Talk which has now received almost 2 million views.