The machine is alive!

As our #LightSourceSelfies campaign nears completion, we visit Germany and the Radiation Source ELBE, which is the largest and most versatile research instrument of the HZDR. The electron beam of the superconducting linear accelerator delivers different kinds of secondary radiation for various research purposes from materials science up to medicine. Michael Klopf began his light source career in the USA and is now one of ELBE’s Free Electron Laser (FEL) Beamline Scientists. He explains his career path and the highlights of his diverse role. Viewers also get to see where the experiments happen and hear from Maximilian Obst, one of the FELBE users, who gives a fascinating insight into his near-field optics research using SNOM (Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy). Maximilian explains how FELBE is enabling science that would not be possible with a synchrotron light source.